Bible Study Groups

St. Paul Baptist Church continuously teaches the word of God through our Bible groups and fellowship with one another, not just learning the Bible, but learning about our love for our fellow brothers and sisters.
Bible Study- Tuesday 1 p.m.
Family Life Education Center

This bible study group uplifts you and energizes you at the beginning of the week by teaching you God's word. What better way to spend your lunch hour. All materials are furnished

Online Bible Study 7/28

GMT20210729-000022_RecordingPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 32:40

Online Bible Study 7/21

Encountering a Desperate SituationPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 45:37

Online Bible Study 7/14

Online Bible.jpg
Facing OppositionPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 32:21

Online Bible Study 7/7

When Facing an AttackPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 36:04

Online Bible Study 6/16

Gideon Destroys Baal's AltarPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 33:26

Online Bible Study 6/30

GMT20210630-235946_RecordingPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 36:35

Online Bible Study 6/2

Ministry to UnbelieversPastor Michael J Ross Sr
00:00 / 41:12